"All the research is done. The vision is laid out. I can see the path ahead."

...you, after our work together.

Innovation doesn’t just happen, you invest in it.

You see a big product opportunity on the horizon, but you don’t have the time or team to devote the necessary resources that will tell you the direction you need to go in for the next phase of growth.

If you’re considering adding to your product offering (or innovating on an underperforming one) then you’re in the right place —

As a product strategist I guide high growth tech companies through research, design and business strategy, towards building the right product for their bottom line growth, without investing in a full-time hire.


Design & Differentiate

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"So helpful for how we think about products moving forward!"

"The way the strategy was presented is so helpful for how we think about products moving forward. Through copious research and user interviews, Michelle’s work shows a clear path forward. It’s all really really helpful!"

Katharine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly

And YOU?

Your company is making a big impact, but there’s a new idea, a kernel of opportunity, that’s been keeping you up at night and you don’t want to miss out.

As a seasoned tech professional who has worked with Fortune 500s like Intuit and Adobe to disruptive startups, here's what I know:

If you want —

A differentiated product that responds to your customers’ needs and innovates on them.

Low churn rates — because your people are interested even after the first use as you’ve tapped into their true motivations.

A clear customer journey — that keeps you top of mind before, during and after they buy.

a business model that positions you to meet your revenue goals and more.

an all star team needed to make the product a wild success.

then you can't skip ahead and go straight to design and development. You must invest in the research and strategy that will secure your long term success.

That's where we come in, we do the work so you can confidently make decisions for you next phase of growth.


"Michelle was an incredible partner."

"Michelle improved the ideas, she helped us sharpen our thinking and was incredibly creative through the process. She was a pleasure to work with, I hope to be able to work with her again!"

Alex MacCallum, General Manager for CNN+ and former Head of Product for Standalone Products at The New York Times.

Besides detailing out a growth-focused product strategy

You’ll get my expert advice on...


Your product and brand differentiator, the secret sauce that makes your product stand out in a crowded market.


The A to Z customer success path that delights and influences your customers leading to greater retention and bottom line growth.


Your roadmap and who to hire so that when those players join they are set up for success.


Product positioning and a business model that’s aligned with your brand and revenue goals.


Your ideal target market, how to access them and insight into the psychological need your product solves for them.


The design direction that will ground your product vision in reality and give your team a point of reference from which to build.

How I work with companies to identify their opportunities for  innovation  —


Map Your SaaS is a comprehensive done with you program that helps established comanies who want to grow their buiness and impact with a SaaS product. We work with you to create a Minimum Loveable Product strategy to differentiate, design and fund your successful tech product. Book a call to see if we're a good fit.

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We’re a green checkmark match if you...


Believe brand and product are intertwined and so you always ask yourself before you build — is this true to our brand? Is this where we want to go as a company?


Know that every product  starts with a strong unmet need that a particular group of people have, which means — your product is not for everyone.


Focus on deepening your competitive advantage based on your brand DNA instead of always looking at what your competition is doing for your next move.

Besides working with high growth companies like yours to create experiences that millions love —

... here are 13 unrelated facts about me —


I bought a silver bracelet for my husband from a tiny artisan shop in Kathmandu leading me to start my first company, Atha, a sustainable luxury jewelry and scarf line made in collaboration with artisans in Bali and Nepal.


When I was 10 my mom, scared I was watching too much tv and turning into a couch potato, forced me to go running in the forest behind our house. It was the best gift ever.


I signed up for my first Ashtanga yoga class on 9/11 in the NYU gym. Came out to a street filled with smoke and chaos. Been at it ever since.


Moved to Bangalore for a short term teaching gig at the leading experimental design college, and ended up staying for 5 years. Among the highlights? Making a fake shopping exhibition, waking up at 3:30am to go to yoga, and the early morning magic of the train stations.


It can be a little intimidating the first time someone has dinner with my family. Our love language is food criticism. To the uninitiated it can be a bit much. Just warning you ahead of time if you ever get the pleasure.


In boarding school when we got trouble instead of after school detention it was 7:30am study hall across campus. Torturous for a teenager. Now I'll voluntarily join a 7am deep work sprint.


I have done three 10 day silent meditation retreats and I’m going back for my next whenever this pandemic is over.


Every time I hear the opening beat to “Ice Ice Baby“ (or “Under Pressure” for that matter) my muscle memory kicks in and I start doing my 8th grade halftime dance.


Laying on the couch switching between John Grisham and The Baby Sitters Club books — my early summers in a nutshell. #notacoolkid


My sister and I can mimic word for word SJP’s masterpiece, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I rewatched it during the pandemic and it stands the test of time.


At 20 after a failed attempt to teach English in Bali, I ended up in Chennai staying with family and then travelled through South India calling up distant family members (remember pay phones?) from the little black address book my aunt gave me.


My first album (in tape form) was Huey Lewis and the News, followed closely by Tiffany.


My husband and I created an all day surprise birthday adventure for a friend that involved strangers, chess, a watergun fight and more. It taught me a lot about engagement and delight. Ask me about it if we ever meet.


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“We loved the app ideas Michelle helped us create!”

“We needed fresh ideas for creating more connection with our client’s brand mascot. Michelle swiftly identified problems in the current UX and what was missing in how the brand personality was coming across to the customer. She then went about creating concepts through multiple touch points including snappy onboarding and share-worthy AR experiences.”

Lynette Perkins, founder of Bohemian Innovation

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